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The kind of content Ghanaians want Ghanaian YouTubers to create

On Twitter, a discussion began to revolve around the content offered by Ghanaian YouTubers. When I realised that people began complaining, I became curious as to what kind of content Ghanaians want to see on YouTube. So, I asked this question on my Instagram, Twitter and Snapchat. Even though this is a minute demographic, I still believe the suggestions here would be beneficial to a Ghanaian YouTuber or a Ghanaian thinking of starting a YouTube channel. 

YouTube Home Screen
HR = Highly Requested
MHR = Most Highly Requested

List of content Ghanaians want to see Ghanian YouTubers

Travel (HR)

  • Travel Vlogs
  • Affordable Travel Experiences in Ghana
  • Tourism reviews
  • Road Trips
  • Ghanaian Tourist Attractions
  • Fun activities to do in Ghana

Food (MHR)

  • Mukbangs (also at Ghanaian (restaurants) (HR)
  • Food reviews
  • Food eating ASMR videos
  • Baking with other people
  • Trying weird meals with people
  • Restaurant and chop bar hopping
  • Cooking tutorials

Fashion (HR)

  • Fashion hauls (also from Ghanaian stores as well as the Instagram clothing stores) (HR)
  • Thrift Shopping


  • Movie Reviews
  • Series Reviews
  • Anime Reviews
  • Cartoon Reviews


  • Music Reviews
  • Deconstruction of Ghanaian music
  • Breakdown of lyrics to Ghanaian rap songs
  • Singing battles
  • Singing tutorials

Educational (General)

  • Fact Channels
  • Economics explanations
  • Financial Literacy
  • Business – How to start a business, branding, how to grow sales, how to source manufacturers, Details about shipping your product, The dos and don’ts of business
  • Book Reviews
  • College – Getting in, college vlogs, internship tips, clothes to wear to lectures, general tips, etc
  • Mechanical and Computer Engineering
  • Interior Design and Construction

Educational (Africa)

  • African folklore and myths
  • African and European history
  • Political Theory in African Theory in African Contexts
  • Philosophic topics from an African’s perspective
  • Ghanaian News

Educational (Tech)

  • Mid-range budget phone reviews (Techno, Huawei, etc)
  • Coding Tutorials
  • UX and animation
  • Web design


  • Football Analysis
  • Men talking about football but with the Twitter banter style


  • Gaming
  • General Vlogs/A day in the life videos
  • Funny videos and skits
  • Workout Videos
  • Reaction Videos
  • Dance Videos
  • Storytime
  • Pranks
  • Reviews of Ghanaian stores/brands
  • Blacksmithing

This is in no way a conclusive list. So, I suggest that if you decide to run with any of these topics, please conduct additional research on whether your target audience would be receptive to the idea. If you are a YouTuber or thinking of becoming one, all the best! We need more of you, so let’s do this!

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