Aberrant Maia

Red Paint

Person covered in blood

It’s just red paint
Fine, then why don’t you ever use another colour?
Because red is a striking colour.
But it is scary
Never be scared of something you are made of.

She lies to herself each morning
Or does she?
Painting the walls red, she skips to a happy tune
Staining the ground red, she sways from side to side
Her mouth can never get enough of the…the…the red paint
Red paint she calls it
Red paint, I scoff

I need more red paint
Coded language for another gruesome expedition
She is silent in her acquisition
Leaving only red pools behind her
Why do I know such a beast?
Her yellow ethereal eyes pierce my soul
It is time.

I knew the day would come
She knew the day would come
It’s just red paint
Of course it’s red paint when it’s not yours
I counted to three and it was done
Now she has my red paint
Between her teeth.
But as usual,
It’s just red paint.

-Ayeyi Ohene-Adu

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