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Just do it!

Just do it! Just do it! Just do it!

You know that business idea you have, just do it! That project you want to work on, just do it! The school you wish to apply to, just do it! The job you want to apply for, just do it! The person you want to talk to, just do it! Honestly, just do it! (Notice: This slogan does not include indulging in reckless behaviour or activities harmful to oneself or others. In such cases, the motto is, DON’T DO IT!)

Kweku had a dream to open multiple businesses and become a musician as well. However, he was scared. As a result, he went to university and studied Business Administration. He graduated with a summa cum laude and was employed in a multinational company as a financial analyst. Over the years, he climbed up the corporate ladder and is now a senior manager at the company.  At the age of 35, he married an equally successful woman, and by the age of 40, they had three children. All the children went to prestigious schools and gained enviable employment in different institutions. Shortly after Kweku’s retirement at the age of 60, he fell critically ill and became bed-ridden. Despite all his successes during his years, his last words were “I did not enjoy my life. My dreams have grown old with me and are about to die as I draw my last breath. I never pursued what I truly loved, and that is the definition of a wasted life.” Kweku passed away five minutes after uttering this.

Kweku’s sentiments as he was dying can easily become a reality for anyone. We usually have dreams and aspirations within us, which never come to fruition because we are afraid. We are terrified of failure; we have a fear of being different and scared of rejection. Or we might give the excuse that it is not the right time or we don’t have what it takes to execute our goals. There may be a million excuses we may give, but none is good enough to stop us from achieving our ambitions.

Just do it because life is short, and you only live once. There are many things which can distract us from attaining our heart’s desires if we do not continually work on them. It is easy to succumb to the societal standards of who you are supposed to be instead of determining that yourself. One of the worst things a person can have is regret. Don’t wait until it is too late and be awashed with guilt that you never attempted to live your wildest dreams. Don’t ever be caught with the nostalgic phrase, “What if” because you never tried. My advice to you: Just do it!

What if I fail? Well, then you just do it again. Failure does not erode success but instead serves as a stepping stone to achieving success. Failure teaches you the methods that don’t work. Failure highlights the faults in your previous process and shows you areas to improve. Failure builds up your resilience and determination to succeed. Failure makes your success story even more memorable. Yes, failure is a bitter pill to swallow, but your journey should never end at a failed attempt. My advice to you: Just do it!

What if it’s not worth it? I suggest that you create a pro and cons list for whatever idea you might have. Don’t simply leave it as a pro and cons list though. Take each con and think through ways to overcome them. Then, continually motivate yourself with the pros so that you would proceed with your idea. You would be surprised at the value of your ‘worthless’ idea. Don’t rob the world of the contributions you can make to it. My advice to you: Just do it!

What if I am incapable of executing my dream? Well, thank God that more than seven billion people in the world exist. Consult somebody. Partner with another person. Read more about your project. Acquire the skills needed to accomplish the task. Break your idea into different tasks and delegate them to different people. Work on what you know best and let experts in other fields work on the other parts. Research on how other persons have achieved similar projects. Do something, literally anything, instead of doubting your capability. My advice to you: Just do it!

At this juncture, I would no longer address your excuses because you know what my ultimate advice is: Just do it! Don’t try and justify why you can’t do it but rather think of ways to achieve your goals. Don’t be like Kweku. Be different, and just do it!

Dear Nike, if you are reading this, I would not mind an endorsement deal or a pair of sneakers, at least☺️.

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