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Interview with Nii Amu

Nii Amu is a promising music talent on the Ghanaian scene whose sounds are a blend of trap as well as afrobeats, and in his words, he describes it as “afro-fusion.” With his upcoming EP lurking around the corner, this is a musician you definitely want to be acquainted with. Discover more about Nii Amu as you read this interview with him.

Nii Amu

Photo of Nii Amu
Photo Credit: Ohene Lester Kwabena

Ayeyi: Hello Nii Amu. How’re you doing?

Nii Amu: I’m doing amazing. Yourself?

Ayeyi: Not too bad myself. So, for those who know Nii Amu, we got to know you as a musician. Can you tell us what made you choose the path of music?

Nii Amu: I guess it’s the love for music since childhood. Being sort of an escape for me, I built quite a bond with music and it’s only right I share it with the world. 

Ayeyi: And how would you describe this sound that you have chosen to share with the world?

Nii Amu: I’d describe myself as an afrobeat/hip hop head. Inspired by the trap waves of artistes like Travis and the Afro vibes by Burna, or even the reggae jams from Bob & Damian Marley. It’s really difficult to put me into one particular box, but you can call it afro-fusion since we’re blending everything with an African touch. 

Ayeyi: Mhhmm, listening to some of your songs, I could definitely hear the trap influences and in others, the afro elements as well.

No Conversations by Nii Amu and Kenxshin 

Ayeyi: If I may ask, what is your favourite song of yours that you like to perform?

Nii Amu: I think my favourite song to perform at the moment is ‘Gye Gye Wo’. Gets the people going!

Ayeyi: Something we love to see (smiles). And if you could do a music video for any of your songs, which one would it be and what would be your dream music video for it?

Nii Amu: That’d be for ‘Pills & Lean’; a song off my upcoming EP but we’re already working on that so let me not spoil it. (gives sly grin)

Ayeyi: Eishhh…We will be eagerly expecting it! Now, let’s focus our attention on the music scene in Ghana. If there was one thing you could change about the Ghana music industry, what would it be?

Nii Amu: I’d love to see much more unity between us. I mean it’s started to look good, but we could’ve been way ahead if we had this figured out a long time ago. 

Uncle Ebo by Nii Amu

Ayeyi: An aspect of unity in the music industry involves collaborations between artistes. Not limited to only Ghana, who would you most like to collaborate with and why?

Nii Amu: At the moment, my favourite collaboration I’d love to happen would be with South Africa’s Zoocci Coke Dope. I’ve always loved his touch with music but his last EP,  ‘Anxiety’ really spoke to me. We’d definitely make some magic together. 

Ayeyi: Ouuuu, we’re rooting for this to happen. So, Nii Amu, what would you say is next for you?

Nii Amu: My debut EP drops this year, I’ve been working hard on putting this together and the results are amazing. Can’t wait (he crosses his fingers) 

Ayeyi: (smiles) We can’t wait either. We’re at the conclusion of this interview but we can’t let you go without you sharing your social media handles with us.

Nii Amu: @niiamu233 both on Twitter & Instagram. Nii Amu on Facebook

Ayeyi: Thank you very much for having this interview with me, Nii Amu. Wish you all the best in your future endeavours.

Nii Amu: Thank you too. I appreciate it. 

Nii Amu

Photo of Nii Amu
Photo Credit: Kweku Yankah

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