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Interview with Hannibal Richter-Addo

Hannibal is an individual who can be described as a jack-all-all trades especially when it comes to the creative scene. He is a photographer, fashion designer and music manager. Through this dialogue, we are granted the opportunity to know who Hannibal is a bit more.

Light skinned man in a tracksuit sitting in front of a stone wall and posing for a pictureHannibal Richter-Addo


Ayeyi: Hey Hannibal. It’s good to be catching up with you. How has this social distancing period been treating you?

Hannibal: Hey. Good to hear from you too. I’ve been good; just swamped with work.

Ayeyi: So when it comes to art, you are pretty versatile. You are involved in photography, fashion and music. How would you define art?

Hannibal: I would say that art is a way to express your thoughts or imagination. It doesn’t have to be limited to just one thing.

Ayeyi: Interesting. Focusing on photography, what motivated you to start taking photos?

Hannibal: I started taking photos as a way to boost my fashion line but along the way, I fell in love with being able to capture precious moments and turn them into works of art.

Man with grass in his mouth and sunglasses on his forehead posing for a picturePhoto by Hannibal Richter-Addo
Model: Herman $uede

Ayeyi: And so far during this journey, what is your favourite picture that you have captured and why?

Hannibal: I don’t really have a favourite photo but it’s a tie between my first time covering a concert and my first time doing a beach shoot. I really hadn’t done anything like that before so getting a chance to do something new and come up with these just make them special for me.


Photos captured by Hannibal Richter-Addo

Ayeyi: Ouuu these pictures are dope! When taking the pictures, what camera do you usually shoot with?

Hannibal: Thank you. I use a Canon 6d Mark II for my shoots.

Ayeyi: And in editing them, what software do you use?

Hannibal: I use Adobe Lightroom CC.

Ayeyi: Now, you are not only a photographer but into fashion as well. What sparked your interest in fashion?

Hannibal: I’ve always thought how you dressed affected how you behaved and how confident you are as well. So I wanted to be able to create a line that could push people to stand out.

Ayeyi: That’s an intriguing take on fashion. How would you describe the kind of clothes you make?

Hannibal: The kind of clothes I make are supposed to be designer casual. Very attractive to the eyes and can be worn anyhow a person wants to.

Ayeyi: That is definitely a fashion fit for the modern world.

Ayeyi: Let’s now delve into music. You are also engrossed in this area. What kind of music do you create?

Hannibal: I’m no longer as deep into music as I was. I’m now more of a manger now. Before, I tried to make a sort of trap rap.

Ayeyi: That’s veering more into the business aspect of music. How has the journey been so far?

Hannibal: It’s been hard and there have been a lot of challenges but learning from people and adjusting to it has been a great experience.

Ayeyi: I pray as time progresses, a lot of the challenges would have been sorted out. So, whether it’s fashion, music, or photography, how are you able to get inspiration?

Hannibal: I find my inspiration from different places. From other photographers and artists, as well as just random ideas I come up with.

Man in white shirt and black and camouflage jacket wearing a maskPhoto by Hannibal Richter-Addo
Model: Jalil Sanni-Thomas


Ayeyi: In five years, where do you hope to see yourself?

Hannibal: I see myself running a successful conglomerate of fashion, photography and music.

Ayeyi: I can’t wait to see it become a reality. Lastly, for those reading and want to follow you, what social media handles can they find you on?

Hannibal: My Twitter is @dre_fashion and my IGs are @dre_addo for my personal account and my my photography account is @_dre_photography_

Ayeyi: Thank you Hannibal for talking to me. It has been a riveting conversation and I wish you all the best in whatever you do.

Hannibal: Thank you so much.

Man wearing Palm Angles shirt with his back facing the camera and carrying a metal rod on his shouldersHannibal Richter-Addo
Photo Credit: G. Sarkodee

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