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Interview with Boz Valentine

Boz Valentine is a young Ghanaian fashion designer known for his fashion label, Boz V. His pieces are identifiable for the unique tie-and-dye element embedded in them. Some may remember him from the Ghanaian YouTube channel, “Dark and Lovely.” Who exactly is Boz Valentine? Read this interview to find out more.

Boz Valentine

Ayeyi: Hey Boz. It’s been quite a while. How have you been doing?

Boz: I’ve been doing great. Crazy times but we good.

Ayeyi: Very crazy times. You have your fashion label, Boz V. What sparked your interest in fashion?

Boz: I really love clothes so I became interested in how people were wearing and making them.

Ayeyi: So when it comes to designing and sewing clothes, were you self-taught or have you taken a course in any of these areas?

Boz: I learned from watching videos and doing research on the internet. I also learned from the designers around me.

Ayeyi: Impressive. How would you describe the kind of clothes you make?

Boz: My clothes are African streetwear and trippywear. They are clothes for everyone and for people who genuinely love clothes.

Boz V Clothing
Photo Credit: @lemuel_nelius (Twitter handle)

Ayeyi: That’s an inclusive brand then. Your designs are noted for the tie-and-dye element added to it. Why the use of tie-and-dye in your pieces?

Boz: I really love dyeing and mixing colours. Making tie-and-dye clothes is part of what Boz V has been about since day one.

Ayeyi: So, since you started, how has the journey been for you?

Boz: It hasn’t been bad at all. I appreciate the love I’m getting. I love seeing people wearing my designs. A challenge though is advertisement . I feel like I’m not getting the numbers I should be getting. With time, I’ll be there.

Ayeyi: Let’s move away from fashion for a while. You were part of a YouTube channel known as Dark & Lovely, which was becoming quite popular in Ghana. However, we have not had any new videos in a while. What is the current situation with Dark & Lovely?

Boz: We are all currently working on personal projects. We are planning to drop videos after summer.

Boz V Clothing

Ayeyi: Can’t wait. Are there any other designers work that you appreciate?

Boz: Yeah. Tyler, The Creator, Shawn Stussy, Kanye West and Virgil Abloh. Their works aren’t the same as every designer. With Kanye, you can see people criticize his products most of the time but his clothes are just different. That inspires me to unique.

Ayeyi: For those interested, what is the process of purchasing clothes from you?

Boz: For now, they can purchase through Instagram and Twitter. We are still working on our website.

Ayeyi: Finally, what are your Instagram and Twitter handles for people to buy from and follow you on?

Boz: It’s @boz.v and @m4in4ttr4ction on Instagram. On Twitter, it’s @smthnboz.

Ayeyi: Thank you very much Boz for talking with me. Your clothes are unique and I pray the sales of your clothes will increase.

Boz: Thank you for taking your time to ask me these good questions.

Boz V Clothing

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