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Interview with Almighty Trei

Almighty Trei is a Ghanaian song writer and recording artiste known for banging tunes such as “Problem,” “Too Much” among others. His sound comprises of Afrobeats, RnB, Hip-hop and Experimental elements which all blend together to create a distinct and unique twist to his music. Through this interview, we are granted an opportunity to know the man behind the mic.

Man in bucket hat leaning on fridge filled with drinks in a storePhoto of Almighty Trei
Photo Credit: Shabazz

Ayeyi: Hey Almighty Trei. What’s up?

Almighty Trei: I’m ok. Just working. You?

Ayeyi: Good as well. Just dealing with online classes. To start off this interview, could you please tell us what motivated you to start music?

Almighty Trei: I would say I’ve always been an entertainment guy but my interest in music probably began somewhere in 2009 – 2010. My eldest brother was the owner of a record label then, and the one after him was also dancing and making music for fun. So, it kind of just rubbed off on me because they used to involve me when they could. I guess it all began from there.

Ayeyi: Ouu then it is safe to say that the music runs in the family then?

Almighty Trei: Yeah. Entertainment in general, I’d say.

Ayeyi: Interesting. Earlier in your music career, you were part of a group known as RTJ. However, now we know you as a solo artiste. What happened to RTJ?

Almighty Trei: You know, sometimes life just pulls people in different directions. There’s no bad blood at all and there can’t even be because of the kind of bond we have, but Troy J is still an artiste. We still make music together. In fact, we’re dropping a joint EP soon, “Love to Rex” as well. So basically, we’re just solo artistes now but that does not stop us from making music together as and when.

Ayeyi: (smiles) We would be eagerly waiting for that EP. Let’s talk about your music. How would you describe your creative process when you are making music?

Almighty Trei: I honestly don’t have one. I really just go with the flow.

Ayeyi: So, in 2018, you released your EP titled “Astro.” How has the reception been so far and how has that impacted you as a musician?

Almighty Trei: That project probably boosted my perception in the public eye. It was a time Yung D3mz and I were literally just making our own music; trying to discover our sound. The public reception proved to me that we were on to something.

Black and white photo of a man wearing an astronoaut outfit with the words Astro at the bottom right cornerEP Cover for “Astro”
EP Cover Art by: Reez

Ayeyi: Do you think you are able to match your sound in the studio to your sound in live performances?

Almighty Trei: Oh yeah. Do you think otherwise?

Ayeyi: (laughs) Oh no. I’ve seen you performing a couple of times and I think you do match your sound but usually with more energy on stage.

Almighty Trei: Yeahh. Sometimes, the energy overpowers the quality.

Ayeyi: A random question. Before corona made us to start practicing social distancing, what did a normal day look like for you?

Almighty Trei: Wake up, thank God, make music, scheme and if there’s anything else I have to do on a specific day, I do it.

Ayeyi: Let’s talk about your involvement with Ground Up Chale. How did that form?

Almighty Trei: I was finishing up the recording of my Astro EP at a studio with D3mz and Twobars and someone from Ground Up walked in. D3mz didn’t know he was affliated with them but Twobars did and didn’t tell us. One thing led to another, and we’re here today.

Ayeyi: Wow. Is there anything in the music space that you wish to do and haven’t done yet?

Almighty Trei: No, I don’t think so. If there is, then it’s probably ahead of me. Somewhere I haven’t reached yet.

Man in orange hat and bright orange jacket showing peace signs as he poses for a picturePhoto of Almighty Trei
Photo Credit: Shabazz

Ayeyi: Alright. Is there any advice or mantra which has shaped you the most as a musician?

Almighty Trei: Probably to keep my mental strong.

Ayeyi: And to flip the question, what message would you like to give any one of your fans that may be reading this interview?

Almighty Trei: Expect more content. I know I haven’t been dropping lots of it so stay with me.

Ayeyi: We’d be eagerly awaiting it (smiles). Before the year ends, what do you wish to have accomplished?

Almighty Trei: We had quite a number of things but COVID-19 has forced us to make some changes. All I can say is we plan to drop more music than usual.

Ayeyi: Lastly, where can we find your music and what are your social media handles?

Almighty Trei: My music is available on all online platforms. I’m @almightytrei everywhere except for Facebook where its: almightytreiofficial.

Ayeyi: Almighty Trei, thank you so much for talking with me. I would certainly keep my ears open for the new releases from you.

Almighty Trei: (crosses fingers) Pleasure.

Blurred photo of a man smiling at the camera with his right hand outsretched and a scarf tied around his deadPhoto of Almighty Trei


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