Aberrant Maia


Two bended plants in a clear glass vase with water

Hours turned into days.
Days stretched into weeks.
Weeks crawled into months.
And each hour,
Each minute,
Each second,
I waited.

I waited for the phone call.
I waited for the text.
I waited for you to remember my name.
Bricks of thoughts about you cemented in my memory
But your mind harboured everything except my existence.

I became obsessed with tracking your social media pages.
I checked. Followed. Checked. Followed. Checked. Followed.
I wanted to be free but my heart screamed your name.
My mind tortured me and my body grew frail.
Did you ever care or was it all a game for you?

So, I’m just here to tell you that:
Today I checked your profile once more
And felt nothing. Not love. Not hatred.
The other girls did not invoke jealousy.
Your apathy did not destroy me.
And that, my ex-lover, is how I knew that I have healed.
So, don’t contact me…

-Ayeyi O.A

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