Aberrant Maia


Woman holding a homemade tool for female genital mutilation
The bloodcurdling screams 
of the helpless girls
Stopped the mechanical rhythmic beat 
of my heart multiple times.
Frantic and desperate 
to escape a similar fate
I tucked my dusty, brown, dress
in between my sweaty thighs,
And willed my legs to move faster 
than its current pace.
The voice in my head
constantly shouting. 
"Run! Run for your life!"

Their breasts may have been pulled 
to the ground by gravity
And their smooth faces transformed 
into multiple deepened lines
But this I would give to them.
They sure were fast as hell
And stronger than fourty horses.
Yelling, crying and kicking,
I tried to escape 
from their terrifying grasp.
Only to be firmly pinned down 
to the dust
As my legs were tightly bound 
with ropes.

The blade glistened
in the sun's rays
My throat immediately became dry
And I began to sweat profusely.
It was a sharp and swift pain.
In a matter of seconds,
My clitoris and labia 
had been scraped off.

I was left to bleed 
into a hole for hours
As they moved on 
to the next frightened girl.
After an eternity of waiting,
They returned to apply herbs.
The face of the devil 
towered above me
And with a hideous grin 
on her wrinkled face, 
she said,
"It's all over sweetie...
Now you are marriage material."
I thanked her 
by spitting in her face.

-Ayeyi O.A

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