Aberrant Maia

Behind closed doors

TW//Woman attacked by aggressive man
The imprints of his palm
Left an indelible, hot, red, mark 
on my cheek
Blood trickled down 
from my broken nose
As tears clouded my vision. 
In the haze, 
I managed to see his hand 
descending once again
But I was not fast enough. 
This time, 
All I see is blackness. 

Where am I?
My head is throbbing, 
And my body is too sore for movement
In a pool of blood, I lie. 
Where am I?
My mind is a fog of confusion. 

Slowly, the flashbacks begin. 
The screaming, 
the shattering of glass, 
The glare in his eyes
As his demons 
took control of his body. 
The rage in his voice
The terror in my eyes
The baby crying in the distance. 

I can hear him whistling 
As he opens the fridge. 
Oh God! Why? 
Why do I still love him?
I'm living with the devil himself 
Yet my love for him 
still pours forth. 

No, its my fault. I caused it. 
He would eventually apologize. 
He'll buy me pretty roses, 
Take me out to a fancy restaurant 
And in the night, we'll make love.
No, I can't leave him. 
Make-up can cover these scars. 
He's not that bad, you know. 
He's actually really sweet. 
This is my tranquil boyfriend 

- Ayeyi O. A

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