Aberrant Maia

A letter to my younger self

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Dear Ayeyi,

This is me. I mean, this is you. Well, this is confusing, but this letter is of extreme importance. Wait, I think I’ve figured it out now. This is you, which is me, just that I’m older than you are right now. I am currently 19 (turning 20 in about two months…Whoop, Whoop!). So, that means I’ve not lived too long but I still think I’ve lived long enough to give you some advice. Here goes!

Younger Ayeyi, don’t be afraid to explore. In this digital age that we live in, there are endless possibilities if only you dare to dream. Never be a prisoner of fear but spread your wings and soar to unimaginable heights. You might not know what career path you want to take at the moment, or you might be stressing about your future in general. Honey, relaaaaxxxxxxxxx. Try something new and if you don’t like it, move on to the next project. Eventually, you would realize that you would begin to lean into a particular direction and that would be your happy place.

Now, remember that as you go through life, you would be exposed to different lifestyles and opinions. While trying to find yourself, make sure you have your own opinion and don’t just blindly follow what everybody thinks concerning a topic. Formulate your opinions through research and/or experiences or else it would just be better to remain silent. Moreover, don’t be so opinionated that you become deaf to the opinions of others. Sometimes, others have views which are equally important so cultivate the habit of listening to others.

That being said, girlllllll, don’t take life too seriously. Have a good laugh. Let your hair down once a while and have fun. Travel and experience all that life has to offer. Create a bucket list and continually tick items off it. This life eh, is is either bitter or sweet so you have to decide to suck all the sweetness out of it.

On the note of having fun, remember that friendships are crucial. You would need friends to laugh with, cry with, argue with and go through life with. Loneliness is a phenomenon you don’t want to know so, please get at least one good, sensible friend and be the kind of friend you would love to hang around. You are not an island. You are a Ghanaian surrounded by three countries, so how can you say you want to be alone?

There will be days ahead when you look in the mirror, and you would hate what you see. No matter your body shape, love it. Love yourself because nobody can do this for you as much as you can. Exercise regularly (ahem, ahem…Your older self is still working on that), drink gallons of water, eat healthy and practice safe sex (don’t forget to orgasm when you do…wink wink). Go for regular checkups and love that motherfucking body, baby girl.

Hmmm…boys…I wish I knew what I could say to you about them. Honestly, I still don’t understand them. This I do know though. Let no boy ever take you for idiottttttt. Have you heard? Like you will shock eh! Please never let a boy become your only reason for existing. Find yourself first, heal and love yourself before you commit to one. And even in a relationship, remember to remain the most authentic version of yourself, if you want to stay happy.

Younger Ayeyi, trust me, you will make mistakes. You must learn how to forgive yourself and go on. Mistakes are simply a learning ground for progress in the future. You must never remain halted in your steps but always in a forward motion. The world does not stop when you mess up, so why should you? 

Ouuu…I almost forgot this one. Learn to work on your aspirations and goals. After you are done, you will be proud to say that you have made/done something and will even want to show it off to others. Indulge yourself in hobbies and always learn something new. It also helps to ward off boredom, lol.

At the end of the day, remember to have fun!!! You only live once; that’s the motto.

I’ve got to go and deal with this adulting I never asked for. I love you so much and always remember to be you at all times.

Your older self,

Ayeyi O.A

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