Aberrant Maia

A candid conversation with my mirror

Mirror in a bedroom

I know you have seen my face countless times but this time it’s different. I don’t just want to study how my reflection looks but rather want to hold a genuine conversation with you. Are you ready to listen because I am ready to talk.

How do you feel whenever you see this ugly fat hanging from my tummy? What is your reaction whenever you see my acne-ridden face or the cellulite and stretch marks that decorate my skin? Do you crawl whenever you see my uneven skin tone because of my hyperpigmentation? What about these hip dips? Do you wish you looked at the curves of a woman which holds no trace of a dent? Do you wish my boobs did not sag as much and instead were perky like the that of a porn star? Do my slightly yellowed teeth disturb you? Should I shave the hair on my legs because that is such a manly thing. Should I..?

First of all, Ayeyi, shut up! Sincerely, this is from your reflection to you, shut up. I don’t understand what this rant is about. You told me you wanted to talk and this is what you have come to say? To be honest, I am disappointed in you and I hope you know that. Do you really think that is how I view you? For crying out loud, I have been you mirror for years now. You should know me better than that.

This is how I view you.

I have witnessed you grow and I must say that I am proud of you. You have gone through phases, from natural hair to permed hair back to natural hair and now its permed again. If I do say so myself, you absolutely rocked each of those hair transitions. I have seen you dress up and if I was a human, I would absolutely ask you out. I have seen your cries whenever you are unhappy about how your body looks. The beautiful part is, the next day, you come back and you are dancing and singing in the mirror looking more radiant than ever. I see all that, Ayeyi. I have seen you without clothes as you studied your body and sucked your tummy in, trying to imagine what it would feel like to have abs. Girl, you look absolutely fine. That little fat does not make you any less sexy but if it bothers you that much, then start gymming. (Honestly, you need to exercise).

Okay, maybe I’m not being entirely truthful. When you wake up and immediately rush to me with your tousled hair and dried saliva at the corners of your mouth, that is not the prettiest sight. When you go out and come back drunk and end up sleeping with your makeup on and your mascara is smudged, that is also not the best time to come to me. I mean, you did say we should have a candid conversation right?

Basically, what I’m trying to get through your thick skull is that you are beautiful. Beauty is not determined by Instagram influencers or fashion models. Beauty is not found through comparison. With makeup on and sans makeup, girl, you are drop dead gorgeous. I am your mirror and I won’t lie to you. The key is to carry yourself with such an air of confidence that would make the heads of people turn. I love you Ayeyi and trust me, beauty comes in all shapes, sizes and colours.

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